Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Thu 13–Sat 15 Mar


Given the number of acclaimed professionals the Lyceum Youth Theatre has produced over the years, it always seems worthwhile to check in on their thriving and dynamic program once in a while. An added incentive this month might be the name attached to their latest production. Abi Morgan, author of such acclaimed pieces as Sleeping Around and Tiny Dynamite is the writer behind Fugee, very much a contemporary issue-based piece.

Director Xana Maclean explains Morgan’s premise. “A fourteen year old asylum seeker arrives in the UK unaccompanied. The story basically tells us how he’s processed through the system — it’s about what happens to people who slip through the net,’ she says.

The process by which this occurs was researched by the young company through the first hand experience of young people placed in this position. ‘We talked to three young people from Rwanda and two from Somalia. In terms of our understanding of the issues, it helped us to see these stories as those of individual people, rather than statistics. That’s essentially what we want people to take away from the show. We’re not so much out to preach or change people’s minds about the issue, but to understand that these things break down to individuals, with human stories.’

Fugee: Falkirk Children's and Youth Theatre

When 14-year-old Kojo tumbles into the UK 'system' with no official papers, and no words in English, he is housed in a refuge for under-age asylum seekers. With new friends Cheung and Ara by his side he begins to reconcile his past and find pleasure in the present, until the system begins to break down. 'Part of National…

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