Redfoo's sax envy

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 14 December 2014


Redfoo admits he felt a bit envious that the saxophone on his new single 'New Thang' stole the show

Redfoo is envious of saxophones.

The 39-year-old singer has admitted to feeling jealous of the brass instrument after it stole the show on his new single 'New Thang'.

When asked how it felt to share his music video with a sax player, Redfoo - real name Stefan Kendal Gordy - shared: "The sax was trumping me as the artist. I did a duet with a saxophone. That's why in the video we've got the Sax Man. He represents that line. And always I'm like 'Hey?!'

"My part's pretty cool ... but that saxophone."

And the 'Sexy and I Know It' singer noted how the saxophone has its positives because ladies love it.

He told BANG Showbiz: "I was coming up with the beat and I realised that the saxophone line, girls would always hear the sax and be like, 'I like that!'"

The LMFAO rapper - who split from his girlfriend Victoria Azarenka in June - said rebounds and romance were the main inspiration for his new tune.

He shared: "I wanted to write a song about when you're maybe on the rebound or ... everybody likes something new.

"A new somebody, a new something. I wanted to make a club song that was fun and cheeky, so you could point your finger and be like, 'You could be my new thang.'

"I always like to make songs that have a narrative or you can step into it first person and act it out."

Redfoo's new single 'New Thang' is out on December 15th.


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