Idris Elba upset Neon Jungle

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  • 13 December 2014
Idris Elba

Idris Elba

Neon Jungle were disappointed when they met Idris Elba because he wouldn't pose for a picture with them

Idris Elba "shattered" Neon Jungle's dreams.

The girl group have a crush on the 'Luther' actor and were delighted to meet him at a party - but he refused to pose for a picture with them.

Amira McCarthy said: "Idris Elba shattered my dreams. Je's so hot but we met at an event and he didn't want to take pictures. He didn't want to say hi and he didn't want to make eye contact with us."

Asami Zdrenka added: "But he was at a public event so he should've expected it."

However, their bandmate Jess Plummer was more understanding of the situation.

She said: "He was with his wife and I'd gone up to him beforehand. I think when Amira came over, he'd just had enough by then. So I can empathise with him a bit."

Asami has a huge crush on One Direction, and though she gets overwhelmed when she sees them on TV, she insists she doesn't get starstruck when they meet face to face.

She told heat magazine: "When you meet them as individuals, you forget that it's One Direction because they're just normal. But when I see them on TV, I'm still such a super-fan.

"Every new video they have, I have to stop it in the middle because I'm hyperventilating so much."

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