Live Review: Silver Apples, Stereo, Glasgow, Fri 28 Nov (3 stars)

Live Review: Silver Apples, Stereo, Glasgow, Fri 28 Nov

One for the audiophiles, Simeon breathes synth charm into future sounds of yesteryear

These days, Simeon, the enigmatic founding / sole surviving member of Silver Apples, looks like a craggy character from a Coen Brothers or David Lynch film who has just emerged from decades in his desert bunker lab with the sound of the future – or what was the sound of the future in the late 1960s, when he first formed Silver Apples in New York with the late Danny Taylor, and now comes across as a quaint vintage electronica timewarp, not dissimilar to the Space Lady’s sci-fi nursery rhymes.

His stage set-up is an analogue anorak’s dream – a radiophonic tangle of homemade synthesizers from which he carves a charming, relatively simple blend of naive melodies and rhythms, hippyish incantations about spiritual and environmental matters and the garnishing echo and oscillation which defines the Silver Apples sound.

Where once the duo rocked to a Krautrock groove, the current set dabbles, if sparingly, in some serious sub-bass and at least one meatier techno interlude – as suitable for a big festival crowd as a bijou basement gathering – but it’s the twee beats which get parts of the crowd bopping along.

Silver Apples played Stereo, Glasgow, Fri 28 Nov.

Silver Apples

Veteran electronica pioneers from New York whose analogue psychedelia has influenced many, including Portishead.

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