Steven Moffat: Viewers accept Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who

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  • 10 December 2014
Steven Moffat

Steven Moffat

Steven Moffat has confessed he's glad 'Doctor Who' fans have now accepted Peter Capaldi as it means he can focus on developing his character

Steven Moffat is glad people have accepted Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who.

The BBC One sci-fi series' showrunner has confessed he's looking forward to developing the character now audiences have gotten used to the 56-year-old actor playing the role previously portrayed by stars including Tom Baker and Matt Smith.

Speaking about making the last series, in which Capaldi made his debut as the titular Time Lord, he said: "I was looking for the Capaldi moments every episode, saying, 'We need a Capaldi moment, that moment where he's not Matt Smith, he's not David Tennant, where he's a dangerous, unpredictable, volatile character."

The 53-year-old writer and producer claims he had to work so hard to distinguish Capaldi as a character because otherwise viewers would have become complacent.

He continued: "The longer you do a show the cosier it gets, the cosier it gets the nearer to death it gets. You really have to say to people, 'Pay attention. He's far more unpredictable that that'.

"So now, having done that, and having blasted our new Doctor at them, we can go other places with him. We don't have to work at that anymore because people just accept him."

And Steven is now excited about being able to focus entirely on the storyline in the next series.

He added to SFX magazine: "I won't be looking for the Capaldi moment next year because the whole show is a Capaldi moment."

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