5 Reasons To Go See - The Cult

The Cult
  1. They’re Electric
    British rock behemoths The Cult might have a rather dubious legacy after more than a quarter of a century in the business, but they can lay claim to one of the finest rock’n’roll albums of the last 30 years, namely Electric, every inch of which is riff-drenched, wailing, cock-rocking genius.
  2. They’re not The Doors, thank crap
    Singer Ian Astbury has always been in debt to the Lizard King Jim Morrison, so when he got a chance to work with the rest of The Doors he jumped at it. The resulting supergroup were dogged by legal problems and, frankly, a bit crap, and Astbury wisely quit to concentrate on his own leather-trousered legacy.
  3. They’re Born into This
    After splitting up twice, Astbury and guitarist Billy Duffy got back together again last year for the release of new album, Born into This. Widely acclaimed (Mojo album of the month included) it was a decided return to form for the Bradford boys.
  4. Astbury is a big mouth
    At a gig last year he announced they were to support Led Zeppelin on tour. This was months before the Zep’s recent reformation was in the public domain. Nice going, big guy.
  5. You might pick up a nice bit of personalised gear
    A mate of mine once caught one of Billy Duffy’s guitar picks at a gig. It was signed, sky blue and emblazoned with the Manchester City crest (Duffy is a massive fan).

Carling Academy, Glasgow, Mon 3 Mar.

The Cult

Dig out the paisley-patterned cravat for these old age goth rockers, still best known for their classic 'She Sells Sanctuary'.

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