Also Released - Music

Amp Live and Radiohead - Rainy Dayz (No label) In the spirit of free enterprise, US rap producer Amp Live took it upon himself to rework the finer points of Radiohead’s In Rainbows. After much wrangling and various cease and desists the two parties agreed that the results were worth airing but only if punters could get them free. These brief six tracks add a dusting of hip hop grime to Thom Yorke’s effete mumblings. Short, sweet and free at www.oneseven

Billy Bragg - Mr Love and Justice (Cooking Vinyl) He is indeed both a lover and a fighter in this gently melodic, effusive full band production. Ther’s also an accompanying CD with the bare solo songs attached to show both sides of his musical equation.

Autechre - Quaristice (Warp) An album of three halves, part jerky electro fest, part ambient evil and part otherworldy synthetic overload. This is still unpredictable, less brutal in places than they’ve been but always oddly fascinating organic machine music.

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