Huntleys and Palmers Seventh Birthday

Huntleys and Palmers 7th Birthday

Axel Boman / Alex Hinchcliffe

The Glasgow-born, internationally expanded club returns to its home town with John Talabot and Axel Boman, aka Talaboman

Seven years is a decent age for a club, but it must feel like a lifetime for Huntleys & Palmers promoter Andrew Thomson. Started in December 2007 at the late Research Club in Glasgow (‘it was a snowy night … it had a small house party feel,’ he recalls now) with guest Pilooski, it grew outwards into its home city before expanding to London after two and a half years when Thomson moved down there. He stayed for four years, moved to Berlin briefly and is now back in Glasgow.

‘I've never felt completely “away”,’ he says now. ‘Throughout the period I've spent living elsewhere, we started Highlife (his Africa-focused club night with Auntie Flo’s Brian d’Souza) and the H+P label, and over this time we've put on parties across London and at Europe's leading venues — Fabric, Berghain, Kantine, Razzmatazz, Corsica Studios, Le Sucre and of course, Plastic People, who I've been involved with since my first year in London. Over this time there has been an increased interest in dance music, it's a good place for the electronic scene and there seems to be an appetite for the interesting end that H+P tends to operate within.’

Having booked the likes of James Holden, Daphni, Actress, Matias Aguayo and Silver Apples in the past, Thomson will welcome John Talabot and Axel Boman, aka Talaboman, to this party, with their deep, intelligent techno sound holding court upstairs for a full five hours. Next year, he says, will see a Highlife compilation and Auntie Flo’s new album, while the club will seek ‘to maintain that approach to offer something different; either by bringing people to a city for the first time or presenting artists from different backgrounds who share a similar aesthetic.’

Art School, Glasgow, Fri 19 Dec.

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