Steve Brookstein: Louis and Simon are irrelevant

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  • 9 December 2014
Steve Brookstein

Steve Brookstein

Former 'X Factor' winner Steve Brookstein has hit out at show boss Simon Cowell calling him "irrelevant" and has branded judge Louis Walsh an "imbecile"

Steve Brookstein has branded Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh "irrelevant".

The 46-year-old singer was the first ever winner of 'The X Factor' but his career bombed afterwards, but he has now come out to criticise show boss Simon and has called Louis - who has been a judge on every series - an "imbecile".

He told The Guardian: "Louis Walsh is a complete imbecile. He is a complete imbecile. What's he had? Westlife. Westlife!

"Louis Walsh is irrelevant, musically irrelevant. Simon Cowell is musically irrelevant."

Steve - who has just released his no-holds barred memoir 'Getting Over the X' - also revealed that when it came to his first album Simon's demeanour towards him totally changed from how he had been on the TV series.

Speaking about the 55-year-old music mogul, he explained: "He was extremely stern. I'd never seen him like it on 'X Factor'. It was cold - just, 'Look, this is how it's going to be.'

"Inside I'm thinking: who the f**k are you talking to? I don't take this s**t. But I thought: you know what, I'll give you one album. But you mess this up and we're falling out. I didn't want to go on 'The X Factor' and be made a fool of. And I thought, 'No, I'm not having this. 'Cos I know that the music I do is good."

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