Surrounded - The Nautilus Years (3 stars)

Surrounded - The Nautilus Years

(One Little Indian)


Surrounded, we are told, are ‘Sweden’s answer to The Flaming Lips.’ It’s a distinct possible that never a truer statement has been typed onto a music press release and while this is fine up to a point, that point arrives rather too quickly. To these ears, it’s about half through doppelganger track number one, ‘21st Century Paradise Traveller’.

There’s more than an uncomfortable splash of Sparklehorse in here too, with aching melodies and lush interludes enveloping tracks such as ‘Safe Tomorrow Sun’ and ‘Swimming to Galapagos’ but more often than not, the result is wishy washy and horribly one-dimensional. There’s no denying that there are some moments of beauty in here, but it’s just all too derivative to be loved.

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