Bugge Wesseltoft - IM (3 stars)

Bugge Wesseltoft - IM



The slow, minimal single notes shrouded in a delicate shimmering echo on ‘deIMAGER’ is an extreme example, but the general mood of the music on the Norwegian pianist’s latest outing is notably understated and reflective, with the stress on spaciousness and simplicity – possibly a little too much so for some tastes. His ‘New Conception of Jazz’ recordings produced a successful fusion of improvisation with electronics, and while he has not abandoned either electronics or electric keyboards here, his focus is more directly on the pure timbre of acoustic piano.

This is essentially a solo album, although he does include the Sami singing and percussion of Mari Boine on ‘YOYK’, and the voice of Rwandan survivor Zawadi Mongane telling her story in measured, impassionate fashion to the BBC on ‘WY’, his response to the current atrocities suffered by civilian populations in war zones around the world.

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