Simon Evans wants to host 'intellectual' panel show

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  • 5 December 2014
Simon Evans

Simon Evans

Simon Evans has confessed he would love to host his own panel show but would prefer to star on something "more serious" than comedy quiz 'Mock The Week', on which he has previously appeared

Simon Evans wants his own 'intellectual' panel show.

The 49-year-old comedian - who previously starred on the BBC Two comedy series 'Mock The Week' and Dave's 'Dara Ó Briain: School of Hard Sums' - has confessed he would love to host his own television show but is hoping to get involved in something "more serious", with a "more civilised atmosphere".

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I have said that I would like to do something a little bit more serious than Mock the Week and that approach where it's all been prepared beforehand and the idea is to just have that machine gun rate that you go at.

"I always used to like those slightly more discursive ones, like a parlour game that you might play, like Pictionary... those games I kind of enjoyed, where it was more gentle, more civilised atmosphere."

'The Comedy Store' star - who recently released his 'Live At The Theatre Royal' DVD of his sold out show on the iconic Brighton stage - would cast some of his favourite comedians, including Dara O'Brien and Al Murray, on the show but would also like to invite journalists and politicians who could be both "funny and intelligent" enough to get involved.

He said: "There's some people you'll have heard of who I think are brilliant and I enjoy their company and talk to and get along with. Al Murray - the pub landlord, and Dara O'Brien. And others who I really enjoy but who are not so well known but who I think are very interesting.

"I would love to host a format in which there were some comedians but also some journalists and politicians and so on, or interesting, intelligent, intellectual people who could engage with one another and it would be funny but intelligent at the same time."

Simon added that he wouldn't have time for "rubbish" celebrity guests on his show.

He said: "No, no celebrities. Celebrities are rubbish. Don't want celebrities on there. It's a horrible word."

Although he would make an exception for his pal, fellow comedian Frankie Boyle.

He said: "But Frankie Boyle remains a friend, shall we call him a celebrity? He's funny."

Simon Evans - Live At The Theatre Royal is available now on DVD and Digital Download, released by Universal Pictures (UK).

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