Idris Murphy and Paul Martin: Edgelands (4 stars)

Idris Murphy and Paul Martin: Edgelands

Artists from Scotland and Australia respond to landscape

With a grand dome and ornate balconies, the Warburton Gallery is a treasure in the centre of Edinburgh with interiors that command the audience’s initial attention. Within the gallery, Edgelands, an exhibition by Scottish-based artist Paul Martin and Australian painter Idris Murphy, is currently on show.

Martin and Murphy first met in London aged 22. They then met again in Perth, Australia, aged 65, where the idea for this exhibition started to take shape. Edgelands is their first joint exhibition and both present paintings that seek ‘an understanding of the nature of nature’ and a deep understanding and reverence for the landscapes they depict.

Murphy’s work, based on the ground floor of the space, injects colour to the gallery with bold, bright abstracted landscapes informed by locations as diverse as Turkey and the Australian bush. Martin’s work on the upper floors is a physical response to the forces of nature. The artist has moved away from past figurative works to explore the use of natural materials and gritty surfaces.

From the centre of the gallery, a sound installation by Paul Martin and his son Ben Martin plays. The sound of field recordings and instruments made from wood and bone from the landscapes that inspire Martin’s paintings, reverberates through the space, complementing Martin and Murphy’s paintings alike.

Warburton Gallery, Edinburgh, until Sun 25 Jan

Idris Murphy and Paul Martin: Edgelands

Non-figurative work inspired by landscape, specifically the landscape of Australia, as well as that of Scotland.