Felipe Alviar-Baquero like a dad to Apprentice candidates

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  • 4 December 2014
Felipe Alviar-Baquero

Felipe Alviar-Baquero

Felipe Alviar-Baquero looked after the other 'The Apprentice' candidates so much he felt like a father to them, and joked they may struggle now he has left the competition

Felipe Alviar-Baquero felt like a father to the other 'The Apprentice' candidates.

The father-of-two was fired from the BBC One business programme in last night's episode (03.12.14) and admitted some of the other hopefuls may struggle now he has left the process.

He said: "I am a dad and I have two kids, and I was the dad of the house. I tried to live with everybody, I got on with everybody, cooking more-or-less every night for everyone in the house. As you may have seen, I helped the guys with things they didn't know how to do."

The 33-year-old solicitor was frequently shown doing up fellow candidate, Solomon Akhtar's tie during the series, and joked the 22 year old still doesn't know how to do it for himself, so might be stuck now that Felipe has left the show.

He added: "To be honest I don't think that he's worn a tie since then, or he must have kept all the ties that I have done for him since I left."

The upbeat entrepreneur found himself in the boardroom after Team Tenacity lost out on a task in which they needed to purchase a selection of items for the lowest possible cost, and was fired over fellow candidates Daniel Lassman and Katie Bulmer-Cooke.

Although the Colombian-born dad was disappointed to leave the process, he revealed his daughter Isabella may be more upset about his departure as she has loved seeing him on television.

He said: "I've got a seven-year-old Isabella, and four-year-old Sophia, and Isabella watches every single episode with me. She says that Lord Sugar is too mean with me and is scary, and they have a Lord Sugar dance that they do every week, they call it the fire dance. Their dad is on the TV and they have enjoyed the experience."

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