Club Welto (3 stars)

Club Welto

The Village Bar, Leith, Fri 8 Feb


This new night is the very definition of a mixed bag, throwing differing musical styles and other entertainment in with pleasing, if variable, results. Wounded Knee (Drew Wright) opens the proceedings, warming up the crowd with multiple layers of foot thumping effects and rhythmic vocal loops. Leaving his synth, he joins the crowds with kazoo and tambourine in hand until everyone’s stomping to the beat.

Next up, Rodney Relax declares: ‘A poem is like the bairn you never expected’. His bairns are odd, if compelling little things. ‘Now dinnae get suicidal,’ he declares in his encore. ‘This one’s called, “When We’re Gone’”. The downbeat mood continues with the sweet but timid Pittenweem darling, HMS Ginafore, for all her cunning references to Gregory’s Girl. Nonetheless, as a bucket does its rounds for donations the crowd does its bit, one way or another.

House band Sanna act as a welcome reviver with their stirring layers of beats, hums and plaintive melodies, the perfect pick-me-up before the arrival of DJs Stevie Wanless and Kenny McAlpine, who keep that wee bit o’ Welto in everyone fired up with a funky house set.

Club Welto

  • 3 stars

Serving up folk, twisted electronica, spoken word and funky house, Club Welto is a broad church that welcomes all with live sets from Operator, Meursaultand Randan Discoteque; spoken word/poetry from Rodney Relax and Nick E Melville and DJ action from Headspin and Steve Wanless.

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