Turner Prize 2014: Duncan Campbell wins

Turner Prize 2014: Duncan Campbell wins

Artist's challenging video tackling African masks and consumerism culture earns highest acclaim

Duncan Campbell has won the 2014 Turner Prize, beating fellow nominees James Richards, Ciara Phillips and Tris Vonna-Michell.

The Glasgow-based conceptual artist earned the prestigious contemporary art honour, worth £25,000, with his film exploring history through dance and African art. Actor Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave) announced the winner Monday evening at Tate Britain.

It for Others was inspired by and meant as a modern day response to Chris Marker and Alan Resnais’ 1953 French essay film Statues Also Die, reflecting on African art and the effects of colonialism. In his open-ended essay film, Campbell also represents how it is possible to interpret certain histories through objects.

Constructed from three segments featuring African masks, adverts of consumerism culture and a dance sequence, It for Others not only explores difficult themes, but challenges the medium; blending the artist's own recording with archive footage, expanding the boundaries of documentary and fiction.

The 54min piece is a demanding experience and leaves plenty of room for interpretation, with the jury describing it as 'ambitious and complex which rewards repeat viewing'.

Dublin-born and a graduate of Glasgow School of Art, Campbell's work is now on show in Glasgow as part of the Generation exhibition. His past works have tackled controversial figures such as Irish political activist Bernadette Devlin and the infamous car manufacturer John DeLorean.

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