Frank Skinner: I begged for Doctor Who role

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  • 2 December 2014
Frank Skinner in 'Doctor Who'

Frank Skinner as Perkins in Doctor Who

Frank Skinner still cannot stop acting like a "grinning fool" when people ask him about his 'Doctor Who' role, and joked showrunner Steven Moffat probably only cast him in the sci-fi show to shut him up

Frank Skinner thinks Steven Moffat only cast him in 'Doctor Who' to stop him "begging" for a part.

The 57-year-old comedian appeared as engineer Perkins in 'The Mummy on the Orient Express' and joked he was so desperate to appear in the sci-fi series he may as well have camped in the showrunner's garden because he asked him for a part in the programme on so many occasions.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Even as a kid I loved the show but I wouldn't have even thought of it as being a possibility.

"I have more or less begged for a part in it for some time. It was almost like I was camping in Steven Montfort's garden, as he put it. I think it was partly to shut me up but it worked."

While the series eight episode aired in mid-October, Frank still cannot stop acting like a "grinning fool" when people ask him about his part in the programme.

He added: "I wouldn't say I starred in 'Doctor Who'. But I was up there in the listings. That was just awesome.

"It is hard to describe it because negative things are more interesting in conversation than the positive things.

"I can only talk about it like a grinning fool really. On set I was like a competition winner. But I did worry about whether I could pull it off and stuff but I think it was alright."

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