Louise Thompson jokes about having children

Alik and Louise

Louise Thompson and Alik Alfus

Louise Thompson has confessed she's joked about having children with her American boyfriend and 'Made in Chelsea' co-star Alik Alfus.

Louise Thompson has joked about having children with Alik Alfus.

The 24-year-old reality star has already discussed having babies and getting married with her American beau, as she revealed that they are getting more serious.

The 'Made in Chelsea' star said: "We've been joking about having children, but I'm only 24."

As Alik, 25, added: "I'm not ready to be married, but I do love the girl, so we'll where that goes."

Louise - who has previously dated 'MIC' stars Spencer Matthews, Jamie Laing, Andy Jordan - believes her new beau is very different to boys in London.

She shared with OK! magazine: "Alik is a lot more straightforward, there's no game-playing whatsoever - he's very honest about the way he feels. And also very confident. he has less insecurities than the other boys and is strong-willed. That's definitely very attractive. Our personalities just really click."

Alik then quipped: "Given the amount of time we've spent together in four months, I'm surprised we don't argue more!"


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