Miranda Hart thought fame would 'justify' her existence

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  • 28 November 2014
Miranda Hart

Miranda Hart

Miranda Hart has confessed that as a teenager she believed becoming famous would "justify" her existence

Miranda Hart thought fame would "justify" her existence.

The 41-year-old comedienne admits she always wanted to be famous as she thought people would excuse her bizarre behaviour if they recognised her as a sitcom star.

She said: "When I was a teenager I used to want to be famous - I thought it would justify my whole existence. I imagined that if I was famous, when I tripped up in the street, people would just think, 'Bless her, she's famous, that's fine'."

However, now that she's achieved celebrity status with 'Miranda', she's confessed she's realised she's actually an "introvert" and doesn't like the lifestyle that comes with being famous.

Miranda explained: "I find it vaguely embarrassing. I'm not into fashion or the right look or going to the right places so it's quite hard being scrutinised and judged.

"Ultimately I'm an introvert. If an extrovert wants to wind down, they'll call some mates and go to the pub, whereas an introvert will stay on their own and watch TV. If I go to a party I need two days to recover."

And Miranda now admits that tripping over in the street isn't as big of a problem as it seemed as a child.

She added to Radio Times magazine: "I don't think I've ever really fallen over in the street. Except for the classic little pavement trip and we'll all do that to our dying day. I hope. I find it funny, not embarrassing now."

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