National Theatre of Scotland announce programme for 2015 Belong season

National Theatre of Scotland announce 2015 Belong season of events

Whisky Galore

Including a gaelic Whisky Galore, The Driver's Seat and a documentary drama looking at female genital mutilation

‘Tribes, families, clans and gangs’ are the themes behind the National Theatre of Scotland’s Belong season, announced today, which stretches from January to June 2015. The eclectic season draws on a broad spectrum of subjects, bringing together a new Gaelic version of Compton Mackenzie’s Whisky Galore, a family comedy set in a fish and chip shop, a new documentary drama on female genital mutilation, and world premieres of plays by Russian and Ukrainian writers examining the Crimean conflict.

‘Most of us want to belong,’ said NTS artistic director Laurie Sansom, who pointed to the dual nature of belonging. ‘The bosom of the family might make us feel safe, or like running to the hills. Sometimes it’s not always easy to fit in. The embrace of community can protect and it can stifle.’

The Crimean-themed plays take place in March in Glasgow and Edinburgh, as part of Òran Mór and the Traverse Theatre’s A Play, a Pie and a Pint season, in adaptations by Davey Anderson, Peter Arnott and Sasha Dugdale. Gaelic theatre company Robhanis collaborates with NTS on a Scotland-wide tour of a new adaptation of Whisky Galore by Iain Finlay Macleod, entitled Uisge-Beatha Gu Leòr, which runs from April into May.

Acclaimed Scottish playwright Douglas Maxwell has transplanted La Nona by Argentinian playwright Roberto La Cossa to the setting of a Scots-Italian fish and chip shop for his new comedy Yer Granny, touring Scotland from May to July. And Scottish theatre maker Cora Bissett collaborates with Manchester performance poet Yusra Warsama on Rites, a documentary drama looking at female genital mutilation from the perspective of the communities involved, which runs in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester in May.

Elsewhere, NTS artistic director Sansom unveils his new adaptation of Muriel Spark’s thriller The Driver’s Seat (in Edinburgh and Glasgow in June and July), and Vanishing Point’s Kai Fischer offers an immersive soundscape and live music in Last Dream (On Earth), which promises to take audiences across borders and into space. It tours Scotland in April.

‘In this diverse season we meet families ferociously fighting for survival, witness national loyalties challenged, confront cultural customs and observe a woman with no ties, recreating herself before our eyes,’ said Sansom. ‘We hope you will join us to explore what it means to feel part of a gang, or out there on your own.’

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