Miranda Hart's sitcom fears

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  • 26 November 2014
Miranda Hart

Miranda Hart

Comedian Miranda Hart is very worried she will not end her sitcom 'Miranda' on a "high" when it finishes this December

Miranda Hart is "terrified" of not leaving 'Miranda' on "a high".

The 41-year-old comedienne announced in October the 2014 Christmas specials would mark the end of the popular BBC sitcom but she's confessed she's worried about saying goodbye to the character on a bad note.

She explained: "I will really miss her - she has been so very good to me. But I'm terrified of not leaving on a high, plus I think in some way I've grown out of performing it. When I trip over, or sing, or do fruit people - I think, 'Oh come on Sitcom Miranda Person, that's a bit embarrassing now'."

However, Miranda is proud of the journey her character has made and claims that's why she's decided to bring the show to an end.

She added: "She couldn't stay in that 'getting it wrong' place perpetually. Well, she could, that's the sitcom, but I feel it's time for her to learn a bit and grow a bit and start to like herself a bit.

"And when she knows what to do, she's not funny any more. She's come into her own - and once she's come into her own, we've done her. It's over."

The actress previously admitted her family were relieved when she announced she was calling time on the programme - which began in 2009 and also stars Sarah Hadland, Tom Ellis and Patricia Hodge.

She said: "Most of my family went, 'Thank goodness', because they know how stressed I get writing it. But all my cast members were very sad, so we shall see [about further episodes], but I have written a finale."

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