Janey Godley

Janey Godley

Jongleurs, Glasgow, Thu 28 Mar; The Garage, Glasgow, Thu 6 Mar; Oran Mor, Glasgow, Sun 9 Mar


‘I read an article about Josie Long and Kristen Schaal saying, “Isn’t it lovely that female comedians are returning to being quirky and nice?”’ Janey Godley fumes. ‘How fucking insulting is that? So my strong, political viewpoint isn’t valid because I possess a vagina? You’d rather I came on stage, stroked a budgie, made a basket and told a story about butterflies? Josie’s a great stand-up, as are Lucy Porter and Sarah Millican,’ the Shettleston-born comic maintains. ‘But I always get lumped in with Jenny Eclair and women who’ve punched a baby.’

It’s difficult to imagine the winsome Long rampaging through maternity wards, much less calling Tony Blair a ‘cunt’ to his face as Godley has. But this stand-up, playwright, author and newspaper columnist is a one-off, the uniqueness of her life matched only by her willingness to share it.

The last time I met her in this West End bar she was preparing to perform in Glenochil high security prison. The former publican, who handed Jerry Sadowitz his first ever gig, once spent a night behind bars herself for hiding guns. After we speak, she’s travelling down to London to attend the Bafta award ceremony, escorted by none other than John Smeaton. And the 47-year-old’s biggest ambition is to see 2 April alive and hence outlive her murdered mother.

All of which may feature in her charity gig appearance at Oran Mor for the Terrence Higgins Trust and her solo show Tell it Like it Is! Despite updates and constant changes since her Edinburgh Fringe run, it will doubtless still include Godley’s ‘crazy, drug-addict brother, who survived cancer but then had a big fight with the doctor in front of me. I remember thinking it would make a good story. Bizarre things happen to me and I am the epicentre of disaster.’

Jongleurs Comedy Club

Janey Godley performs in front of her home crowd, with Andrew Bird, Steve Harris and Rex Boyd. Don't eat too much of the hot food that's available or you won't be able to dance at the aftershow club.

Janey Godley: Tell It Like It Is!

Lady Godley returns to the stage, with her signature forthright brand of humour that takes no prisoners. Just killer comedy. 'Part of Magners Glasgow International Comedy Festival'.

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