Michelle Gomez: Doctor Who has got me free food

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  • 24 November 2014
Michelle Gomez

Michelle Gomez

Michelle Gomez has revealed she got given several free croissants during a recent shopping trip because the staff member was a fan of 'Doctor Who'

Michelle Gomez has been given free food since starring in 'Doctor Who'.

The 47-year-old actress' appearance in the two-part series finale caused much excitement and controversy when it was revealed her character Missy was the Doctor's arch nemesis The Master regenerated into a female body.

Michelle has had a lot more attention since her starring role opposite Peter Capaldi - who plays the titular Time Lord - with the best fan encounter being with a 'Doctor Who' loving bakery worker in New York.

In an interview with GayTimes.co.uk, she laughed: "The other day I did get some croissants because there was a woman in Brooklyn that liked 'Doctor Who' so she gave me some free pastries ... I went in for a baguette and I went out with seven croissants!"

Michelle - who lives in NYC with her husband, 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star Jack Davenport, and their son Harry - is open to a return to the show but admits she doesn't know what showrunner Steven Moffat's plans are.

When asked to confirm if she was going to return to the BBC show, she said: "The thing is, is that you just can't tell can you? We just don't know ... There are no guarantees in life is there, really? Anyway the thing about being the Master of the universe is that I am in a parallel universe and yes means no and no means yes so it's always confusing as to, you know, what's really the truth. We don't know. We live in hope."


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