Vicky Pattison: Maria Fowler wanted to ruin my relationship

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 23 November 2014
Vicky Pattison

Vicky Pattison

Vicky Pattison has claimed that Maria Fowler was constantly trying to split her and boyfriend James Morgan - whom Maria used to date - up before they parted ways this month

Vicky Pattison claims Maria Fowler was "hell-bent" on splitting her and her ex-boyfriend up.

The 'Geordie Shore' star has confessed she and James Morgan have decided to end their relationship to focus on themselves and their careers but insists his ex and former 'The Only Way Is Essex' star Maria Fowler has been trying to split them up ever since they got together earlier this year.

She said: "As soon as we got together I billed him as, 'the one', which put a lot of pressure on us and meant that certain people were hell-bent on tearing us apart."

The 27-year-old beauty claims Maria has been referring to her as a "fat slag", "tacky" and a "downgrade" ever since her former boyfriend got together with her.

She explained: "I can't even tell you why, but she has been ruthlessly attacking me and my relationship and wants to destroy everything I have. It's constant and vindictive. She's made up elaborate stories about me and James but she seems to utterly believe them."

And although Vicky and James have now parted ways, Vicky isn't certain the abuse will stop.

She added to Now magazine: "I've never said one thing about her so I don't know why she enjoys publicly goading me so much. I wish that she'd f**king leave us alone."

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