Matt Ryan binge watched 24

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 21 November 2014
Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan has confessed to watching three series of '24' in one sitting as he loves binge watching TV shows on video streaming sites

Matt Ryan watched three series of '24' in one sitting.

The 33-year-old actor has confessed he is a fan of video streaming services but admits he often finds it difficult to stop himself from watching episode after episode of his favourite shows.

Quizzed on what he thought of his show 'Constantine' featuring on Amazon Prime Instant Video, he exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I normally binge watch so I think that's kind of the way that TV's going and it's great to be on that.

"I've watched all of 'Breaking Bad', 'Game of Thrones' I love, and I used to binge watch '24'. I think I did like three series in one sitting or something like that. By the end of it I felt really guilty and went to the gym for like a week."

Matt - who stars as John Constantine in the series based on the DC Comic series 'Hellblazer' - also spoke of his excitement at the number of British stars doing well in the US at the moment.

When asked why he thinks so many actors from the UK are featuring in American series and movies, he said: "I just think it's that they're really good. David Morrissey ('The Walking Dead') is awesome and Matthew Rhys ('The Americans'), who I know, is fantastic and I just think it comes down to who is right at the time for the job.

"I'd like to think the Brits are taking over America but if I say that then they might stop the Britons coming."

'Constantine' airs on Friday nights on NBC in the US, and is available on Amazon Prime Instant Video in the UK.

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