Various - Blab! Volume 18 (3 stars)

Blab! Volume 18



After an undoubtedly substantial 17 volumes, Blab! returns once more. The editor, designer and general sweetheart of the illustration circuit, Monte Beauchamp’s annual conception will be welcomed with open arms by high-brow art enthusiasts and culture vultures everywhere. This time around the yearly collection of coffee-table fine art graphics and ‘comixs’ features covers from Ryan Heshka, work from the likes of Mark Zingarellie, Steven Guarnaccia and Pete Kuper to name but a few. In terms of stories we have Sue Cole’s Coney Island tale ‘Topsy the Elephant’, Skip Williamson’s drag queen yarn ‘Daddy Was a Lady’ and Paco Alcazar’s unique take on superheroism, ‘Obedience’. This is one book that belongs as part of an upmarket collection and not stacked on an over-crowded graphic novel shelf.

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