Also Published - 5 Unit Shifters

Jeffrey Archer - A Prisoner of Birth He just can’t get free of that prison cell, can he? Belmarsh is the setting for a revenge drama where an innocent man has been sent down at HM’s pleasure. Macmillan.

Louis de Bernières - A Partisan’s Daughter A married man having something of a midlife crisis hooks up with a young Serbian lass but soon regrets his misdemeanour when he is dragged into a less than savoury world. Harvill Secker.

Kate Long - The Daughter Game A school drama in which a teacher in her early 40s has her life turned upside down by a new 15-year-old pupil called Kali. Picador.

Lee Child - Nothing to Lose Flags out time, as Jack Reacher is back. This time he’s in a Colorado hamlet where a bunch of deputies want to run him out of town. Bantam.

Clive Cussler - The Navigator More high-octane action as Kurt Austin goes hot on the trail of an ancient Phoenician statue stolen from Baghdad. Michael Joseph.

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