Ben Fogle: my wife almost died giving birth

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  • 17 November 2014
Ben Fogle, Marina Fogle

Ben Fogle, Marina Fogle

'New Lives in the Wild' presenter Ben Fogle almost lost his wife as she struggled to give birth to their stillborn son in August

Ben Fogle almost lost his wife as she struggled to give birth to their stillborn son.

The 41-year-old television presenter has revealed the harrowing details of his wife's traumatic labour which almost ended in her death.

Recalling the moment his wife Marina Fogle lost their son at 32 weeks in August, Ben shared: "I think we all assume that everything is going to be straightforward and will just go ahead as normal, but it was a huge shock in every sense.

"And actually the bigger thing, which I haven't really spoken about, is I very nearly lost my wife. She very, very nearly died.

"For her to have come within 20 minutes of dying was a huge bolt for me and was so terrifying I can't even explain it.

"The thought of life without her was unbearable."

Ben - who has a son Ludo, four, and daughter Iona, three, with Marina - explained that the devastation of losing his third child has made him realise how important life is.

He told The Sun newspaper: "It was a reminder that you have to enjoy every day.

"You have to never forget to say, 'I love you', every single day. Never forget to smile and be happy and seize opportunities. Too many people in life take one another for granted."

The 'New Lives in the Wild' presenter explained that he wants his family to experience life on the wild side.

He shared: "I want my kids to enjoy every single moment of life. If that means going away and living in a remote place with a remote people, whether it's a tribe, whether it's people who have gone to live off the grid, then so be it."

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