Pamela Uddin: Daniel Lassman was 'absolutely abysmal' on The Apprentice

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 13 November 2014
Pamela Uddin and Daniel Lassman

Pamela Uddin and Daniel Lassman in 'The Apprentice' boardroom

Pamela Uddin insists Daniel Lassman should've been fired instead of her on last night's (12.11.14) episode of 'The Apprentice' because his performance in the task was "absolutely abysmal"

Pamela Uddin thinks Daniel Lassman was "absolutely abysmal" in the task on last night's (12.11.14) episode of 'The Apprentice'.

The 23-year-old brand manager was fired from the BBC One reality series after failing to lead her team to victory as project manager, but she believes her exit was unfair and has placed the failure of the board game task on the pub quiz company director.

Pamela exclusively told BANG showbiz: "I'm definitely shocked as I thought I was out of the danger zone, mainly because the questions Daniel wrote were absolutely abysmal and given that he's a pub quiz director, I thought that really showed that the skills in his area weren't there."

The frustrated business hopeful also felt that she lacked the backing of her team after she reluctantly volunteered for the project manager role.

She continued: "An awful lot of team members didn't step-up in this task because it was quite difficult and it was challenging and an awful lot of them shied away."

And although Pamela recognises that she too made some bad decisions, she feels her performance throughout the process had been much stronger than some of the other candidates fighting for an investment from Lord Alan Sugar.

She added: "I think I made some mistakes, but I don't feel like over the course of the six weeks that I've made enough of them to be fired. I thought Daniel should have been fired and I thought over the past six weeks he has made some very fundamental errors."

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