Interview: Dominic Samsworth explains new exhibition Salting the Mirage

Interview: Dominic Samsworth explains new exhibition Salting the Mirage

Four tonnes of salt rock covers SWG3 Gallery floor where series of paintings are exhibited

Dominic Samsworth graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2010 and currently lives and works in Herefordshire. He has created a new body of work for SWG3 Gallery in Glasgow, opening this month

Can you describe the work you will be including in SWG3?
I will be showing a new series of paintings. They are shaped canvases based on plan views of swimming pools, painted with pool paint. Here, the status of painting and pool combined, executed with exacting lines, observing a blurring between art world sincerity and leisure time venality. They are aerially viewed as if just before touchdown in your next tourist destination.

How will the work respond to the gallery space?
The exhibition puts the viewer into an environment resembling a sterile desert or an artificial beach. Four tons of rock salt will cover the entire gallery floor. Like a morning beach in preparation for the ensuing action it will be raked and smoothed over each day. The glare off the salted floor enhances the reverberation of aquamarine on the pool’s surface. On this dilapidated resort’s furniture, there is no sun to lounge under: the salted floor beneath only dehydrates, leaving the mirages hosted in the white wall gallery abyss, more inviting but ultimately useless.

Did you also recently comment that your work had shifted from architecture to a more domestic environment?
Yes, I had been deconstructing low-tech architectural structures, focusing on billboards and advertising hoardings, and this led to the re-collaging of the adverts themselves. Similar to the content of these I started to see art as just another leisure object, readily available and consumed after the gallery show. Having experienced the entwining of art making and commerce it seemed hard to ignore this aspect in production.

Dominic Samsworth, SWG3, Glasgow, until Sun 14 Dec.

Dominic Samsworth: Salting the Mirage

Solo show by former GSA student interested in exploration, in changes of scene and openness to inquiry.