Rashied Al Akbar, Muhammad Ali, Earl Cros, Idris Ackamoor – Ascent of the Nether Creatures (4 stars)

Rashied Al Akbar, Muhammad Ali, Earl Cros, Idris Ackamoor – Ascent of the Nether Creatures

(No Business)

Taped in the Netherlands in 1980, Ascent of the Nether Creatures is a thrilling live set from four undersung Loft-era musicians. Trumpeter Earl Cross played on Noah Howard's classic Black Art, but his work as leader has been under-documented. He's on magnificent form here, taking hip bop themes like 'Earl's Tune' and pushing them into knotty realms of abstraction. The long title track follows the Art Ensemble of Chicago deep into the forest at night, all chittering insects and skreeing birds, before exploding in a miasma of incredible free drumming from Muhammad Ali. '4 for 1' alternates between intense bursts of simultaneity and short solo shots, with Ackamoor's high-velocity trills and Cross's spiralling flights leaving your brain spinning before Ali mashes it completely. The raw fidelity only adds to the excitement, with the music working itself into a blurry ecstasy as the small crowd whoops and cheers.

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1. Edwin Wilson23 Mar 2015, 12:19pm Report

Criss-Cross I was taking a bath @ my lady(es) house, in her bedroom I heard these exotic sounds...I yelled who is that on the turnable baby, she said some old Lp's I found that my ex husband left here...those sounds were none other than Earl Cross, Trumpter, Fluegelhorn-hornist, don't know much about him not much of a discography of his music...
I talked with Jie Mcphee once and he said he knew Earl Cross back in the day...Earl was from St Louis, Missouri basically self taught and I got maybe two recording by him...this Lp "Ascent of the Nether Creatures" I think I have this on MP3 digital, some guy sent me from The Netherlands...I hope one day they will discover a whole treasure chest of music by Earl Cross...

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