Moreno Veloso – Coisa Boa (4 stars)

Moreno Velosa – Coisa Boa

First album for 12 years from Brazilian artist is refined mix of traditional and modern acoustics

(Luaka Bop)

Coisa Boa is Brazilian singer, songwriter and producer Moreno Veloso's first album in 13 years and it's a beauty. Relaxed and airy, it's less obviously experimental than some of his earlier work, with Veloso's soft, inviting vocals wrapped in predominantly acoustic textures. Veloso hasn't stepped back from the vanguard so much as refined his mix of the traditional and the modern, with leftfield touches rubbing gently against the warm acoustic grain. The results are utterly gorgeous, with lovely, deceptively light melodies floating over acoustic guitars and subtly inventive electronic textures. Dreamy swells of lap steel lift the wistful 'Lá e Cá' into a starlit sky, while Arto Lindsay's electric guitar transmits faint avant-rock signals from a distant satellite. Glistening surf guitars usher in the bouncy samba of 'Um Passo à Frente', while the charming 'Jacaré Coruja' teems with tiny percussion sounds from miniature steel drums to coconut shells.

Moreno Veloso - Lá e Cá

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