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All you need to know about the former Emerald's member-gone-solo

The former synth wielder from the legendary kosmische wizards, Emeralds, Steve Hauschildt goes it alone these days with hallucinogenic AV shows and an upcoming solo release on the excellent Ghostly International label. This Sleazy’s show will be a rare chance to delve into Hauschildt’s post-Emeralds domain of electronic enlightenment.

What’s the lowdown?
Having collaborated with analogue overlord Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) and John Carpenter’s right-hand man and co-composer, Alan Howarth, Hauschildt tinkles the ivories on a higher and far more contemplative level than most. The nerdy brains behind Emeralds at their most far-out, his solo material on Kranky and the excellent Editions Mego extends this logic, with an added visual element to boot.

O rly, tell us more plz?
His solo release S/H on Editions Mego last year (which went under the radar somewhat) was a thoughtfully compiled two-CD compilation with hours of unreleased material from almost a decade of older tracks. Spanning ten-minute long wig-outs to vignettes of pieces you’d probably find on an old infomercial, he’s got mad variety in abundance, this fella.

Who’s it for fans of?
Obvious reference point would be Emeralds, Tangerine Dream and the aforementioned Lopatin, but considering his new forages have tapped into minimalism and techno, the more open-minded fringes of the dance community will get as much as they give from Hauschildt’s material. Oh, and synth nerds: you’ll be drooling.

Nice‘n’Sleazy, Glasgow, Sat 22 Nov.

Steve Hauschildt Live in Brooklyn (12.14.13)

Steve Hauschildt

The American electronic musician and founding member of the band Emeralds performs solo.

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