Ripper Street's DI Reid 'retreated from the world'

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  • 11 November 2014
Matthew MacFadyen and Jerome Flynn

Matthew MacFadyen and Jerome Flynn at the premiere of Ripper Street series three

Ripper Street's Detective Inspector Reid has "retreated from the world" following the events of the series two finale

Detective Inspector Reid has "retreated from the world" in the new series of 'Ripper Street'.

The eccentric police detective played by Matthew MacFadyen returns in series three of the Victorian crime drama - that was rescued by Amazon Prime after being axed by the BBC - which picks up in Whitechapel four years after the end of series two.

Speaking at the premiere of 'Ripper Street' series three at east London's Shoreditch Town Hall, Matthew said of his character's development: "Reid has retreated from the world and lost his erstwhile friends Jackson [Adam Rothenberg] and Drake [Jerome Flynn], one to women and booze and one to Manchester. He's sort of alone and lonely."

And although his character no longer has his former colleagues on his side, Matthew insists he enjoyed being able to envisage what he'd been up to in the time that's passed.

He added: "As an actor it's wonderful because there's four years you can sort of make up in your head."

Meanwhile, MyAnna Buring - who reprises her role as Long Susan - has hinted that while her character is attempting to do good with the money she inherited after her blackmailer Silas Duggan (Frank Harper) died at the end of series two, there may be unfortunate consequences.

She explained: "She's taken the promise she made to Duggan at the end of season two and come good on it in season three. All of her intentions come from a place of wanting to do good."

Series 3 of 'Ripper Street' will be available to watch exclusively on Amazon Prime Instant Video from Friday November 14.

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