Interview: Alex Ridha of Boys Noize

Interview: Alex Ridha of Boys Noize

Denis Ignatov

Techno maestro discusses his favourite things ahead of Glasgow gig with recent signing SCNTST

A big, blow-out night dancing to Boys Noize seems as much a part of the Glasgow annual clubbing calendar as waiting in a windswept queue trying to locate your friends. And understandably so: there’s something about his intensely 4/4, synapse-addling, quasi-novelty electro which appeals to the city’s hedonistic psyche.

Not content with firing out hit after hit, and creating one of the most distinctive new sounds of the 00s, Alex Ridha started the Boysnoize Records (BNR) label in 2005, returning to Scotland now with some of his signings. SCNTST is a particularly exciting one, his own tracks displaying the balance of trashy electro and deep, continuous techno that Ridha so often favours in his own sets. We caught up with him between flights to get a glimpse of life on tour for one of the world’s most geographically mobile DJs.

Favourite festival to play
I Love Techno in Belgium.

Favourite club to play
Lux in Lisbon.

Favourite city to chill out in

Favourite city to party in

Favourite city to eat in

Three essential items on your rider
Postcards, Haribo, chocolate.

First thing you do to relax
Take a walk with my dog.

Three things you miss when you’re on tour
My own bed, my own pillow, sleep.

Three things you don’t miss when you’re on tour
I don’t know … the internet?

Track you can't stop listening to right now
A new track I made last week.

Best part of being a DJ
Getting to do what I love most.

Worst part of being a DJ
I guess it’s the travel: I think I spend one month of each year on planes.

Boys Noize plays the BNR party at The Arches, Glasgow, Sat 15 Nov.

Boys Noize Records Party

Boys Noize Records evening featuring Boys Noize himself, plus SCNTST and POL Style.

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