Cirque Du Soul club night comes to Edinburgh for the first time

Cirque Du Soul

‘Taking over one venue at a time for a night of circus-themed debauchery’

‘Taking over one venue at a time for a night of circus-themed debauchery,’ is what Cirque Du Soul co-founder Will Weaver describes as the club’s overriding ethos. Founded in Leeds at the turn of 2013, it’s already found its way to nine cities across the country, including Newcastle, Nottingham, Bristol and Manchester. There’s no question it offers something different, with musicians, acrobats and fire-breathers included amongst the group who run it, and in November it makes its first appearance in Scotland with a date at Edinburgh’s Liquid Room.

‘We’ve been wanting to come to Edinburgh for a while,’ says Weaver. ‘We're really looking forward to Scotland and can't wait to get stuck in.’ He tells us that the club is an immersive experience for those in the crowd, and not just because of all that’s going on around them. ‘The first thing you need to do after you’ve bought your ticket is sort your outfit. The more outrageous the better, but you have to play by the rules of the circus, and make it weird and wonderful. As to what goes on inside, you'll just have to wait and see.’

Of course, a high-concept club like this wouldn’t fly without good music, and Cirque Du Soul’s history of guests includes Groove Armada, Greg Wilson, Jackmaster, Dimitri From Paris and Bondax. For their Edinburgh date they’re bringing DJ EZ, a UK garage icon and the man behind the Pure Garage mix series and last year’s Fabriclive 71: ‘he’s easily one of the best DJs we’ve come across’, states Weaver.

The knife-throwers and lion-tamers might get people excited to see what’s going on, but it’s by booking good DJs who people want to hear that Cirque Du Soul has made its name. And before you ask, the Liquid Room doesn’t let you bring lions or knives in …

Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Sat 22 Nov.

Cirque Du Soul

Night of burlesque, bass and uninhibited bohemia. Circus dress code applies so grab your corsets, top hats, spandex and glitter but leave the fire juggling to the professionals.

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