Book Week Scotland 2014

Book Week Scotland 2014

Scottish Book Trust - Sasha De Buyl

Vote online for the nation's best-loved characters in this test of (Scottish literature) character

As part of Book Week Scotland, a countrywide celebration of reading with events and free books galore, Scottish Book Trust is out to find the nation’s best-loved character from a Scottish book. Head online to choose from the panel’s picks, a satisfying selection of 50 loveable characters ranging from Badger to Begbie and Harry Potter to Katie Morag.

You’ll find many of Scotland’s finest authors (and creations) on the poll, with genre defining classics such as Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde and Long John Silver facing up to competition from modern comics superstars like Mark Millar’s Hit-Girl. Looking at the list, the first thought that springs to mind (just before ‘oh, I should really read that’) is how lucky Scotland is to have such a rich vein of literary figures to choose from.

Of course, in the task of whittling down Scotland’s excellent crop of fictional characters, it’s inevitable that one or two favourites will be conspicuous in their absence (Aileen Paterson’s Maisie or the eponymous Ivanhoe from Sir Walter Scott, for example). And so it should be, because one of the most wonderful things about books is the sheer breadth of characters we can identify with.

Who doesn’t enjoy occasionally rooting for the underdog or even the villain? Captain Hook rather than Peter Pan, say, or Jean Brodie’s erstwhile students instead of the lady herself. That said, don't worry if you have the burning desire to see a cherished character get the recognition they deserve: the poll also gives you the option to nominate your own. Even better is the fact you can vote more than once, so none of your most treasured companions need be left out.

Book Week Scotland, Mon 24–Sun 30 Nov. Vote at

Book Week Scotland

A 'national book festival' for Scotland courtesy of Creative Scotland, the Scottish Book Trust and many other collaborators across the country. A packed programme of star-studded author events, kids' activities and the distribution of free books all combine to form a week-long national celebration of reading.

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