X Factor security upped after Lee Nelson stunt

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  • 10 November 2014
Lee Nelson

Lee Nelson

Security on 'The X Factor' has been increased following comedian Lee Nelson's stunt on Saturday night (08.11.14) when he stormed the stage during Stereo Kicks' performance

Security on 'The X Factor' has been increased after comedian Lee Nelson stormed the stage on Saturday night (08.11.14).

The comic character - real name Simon Brodkin - was able to interrupt Stereo Kicks' performance during the live show after getting into the studio with a fake pass before being grabbed by guards.

For the results show on Sunday evening (09.11.14) audience members faced lengthy queues and checks, and procedures were so strict England and Manchester United defender Luke Shaw was denied entry to the show. Next week all guests will have to provide photo ID.

Revealing how Nelson got in, a source told The Sun newspaper: "He kept a pass from last time he was a guest and flashed it to get past security. Things like this can't be allowed to happen."

Nelson has since revealed his motivation for disrupting the eight-piece boy band's performance of Michael Jackson track 'You Are Not Alone'.

He said: "When I saw Stereo Kicks on telly there were so many of them I thought anyone could have a go. And when I heard one of them might not be able to make it as he had homework I decided to give it a bash ... 'X Factor' security waved me straight through. Stereo Kicks were great and all had smiles on their faces."

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