Scott Ian: Swearing Words in Glasgow (3 stars)

Scott Ian: Swearing Words in Glasgow

Anthrax metal man's spoken word tour proves he is 'a decent storyteller with some wicked tales'

(Megaforce Records)

As the only constant member of thrash titans Anthrax, Scott Ian is one of the most recognisable faces in metal and also boasts perhaps the best goatee in the business. Not only guitarist in a multimillion selling band, he's a regular talking head in rock and horror docs and makes perhaps the bizarrest onscreen cameo of all time when Anthrax pop up alongside Helen Mirren in Calendar Girls.

In 2013, following in the footsteps of rocker turned raconteur Henry Rollins, Ian headed out on a spoken word tour. And now his Glasgow date, filmed at the Arches, is being released on DVD. He's right not to label it 'stand-up' as while it's pretty damn funny in places, it's more rambling stories than gag after gag. There’s a particularly good anecdote about when he first got pished with Motörhead's Lemmy and the devastating aftermath, all accompanied by some great comic book art illustrating Ian's despair. It's simply shot, don't expect any bells and whistles, effectively capturing this stripped down show. He's a decent storyteller with some wicked tales to tell but this one’s for metalheads only.

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