Jackiey Budden to sell Jade Goody's possessions

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  • 6 November 2014
Jackiey Budden on This Morning

Jackiey Budden on This Morning

Jackiey Budden claims she has been left with no choice but to sell off the possessions of her late daughter Jade Goody because she has been left with no money since her benefit payments were cut

Jackiey Budden is planning to auction off her late daughter Jade Goody's possessions because she is struggling for money.

The one-time 'Celebrity Big Brother' contestant has had her benefit payments cut by the government after a new test concluded she is well enough to work, even though she lost the use of her left arm in a motorcycle accident in 1986.

Jackiey has been told she must find a job but at present she is desperate for cash and has made the decision to sell-off various items that belonged to Jade - who died from cervical cancer in 2009 at the age of just 27.

Speaking about her decision in an interview on 'This Morning' today (06.11.14), she said: "At the moment I'm struggling, I'm living off my disability to pay my rent. So I called Christie's and explained everything I had [to sell] and was advised to take to auction because there are some really serious collectors out there for what my dolly's are. I will sell them and my fox furs ... and the books."

When asked by hosts Philip Schofield and Amanda Holden what she has done with the £20,000 she was left in Jade's will, Jackiey replied: "Yes, she signed the will and I get pocket money. It's with the tax man at the moment, but that's still coming."

The 57-year-old grandmother - who regularly sees Bobby and Freddy, Jade's children with TV presenter Jeff Brazier - was stunned when she got a letter in the post telling her she was well enough to work and would no longer be eligible for income support.

Although she can use her right arm, she claims she's in constant pain with it because the limb is overworked because she can't use her other arm which would make her a risk if she were to get a job she has previously held - that of an au pair, nanny or housekeeper.

Jackiey believes Jade - who shot to fame when she appeared in the 2002 series of 'Bog Brother' - would approve of her plan to sell her things if she was still alive.

She said: "I think if Jade was alive she would still prefer me to do that than to be in the situation that I'm in. I've got so much of Jade's old possessions, some really old books and dollies."

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