My Comedy Hero: Vikki Stone on Bette Midler

My Comedy Hero: Vikki Stone on Bette Midler

Comedian talks about old-school humour, trifles and why Ms Midler would be proud of her new show

Bette Midler is my comedy hero. It’s not a ‘cool’ choice in the comedy world today, where it’s cooler to like acts that deconstruct the form, rather than are just old-school funny. The same thing happened in food. Chefs were all about the ‘deconstructed’ dishes: it was deemed the epitome of cool. Well, I don’t want a trifle on my plate in 92 separate pieces, I just want the bloody trifle!

That’s how I feel about comedy, and Bette Midler is my trifle. What I like about Bette is her versatility. She can go from a hilarious routine involving mermaids in wheelchairs, to singing ‘The Rose’ in the space of the same live show, and audiences go with her. They come for both the comedy and the music, and she's just brilliant at both. AND she’s still rocking a showgirl leotard at 67. That's what I'm in the business for. Leotards for life.

My live shows always contain a number of ridiculous props, costumes, and ideas that have just got out of hand, which I think must have come from loving the silliness of Midler when I was growing up. My current show, Instrumental, sees me try and live underscore my show with 20 musical instruments. A concept that was easy to write down, but took me months and months to develop. I got there in the end though, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever written. I think Ms Midler would be proud.

The Stand, Glasgow, Mon 10 Nov; The Stand, Edinburgh, Sun 16 Nov.

Vikki Stone: Instrumental

Vikki Stone's musical comedy featuring 20 instruments.

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