Five Reasons to go to Previously … Scotland's History Festival

Five Reasons to go to Previously … Scotland's History Festival

Frankie Boyle

Enjoy gin, Frankie Boyle, flyting, historical food and the supernatural at this diverse festival

Think of the gin
Edinburgh Gin Distillery will let you search through their finest wares while learning about the history of Mother's Ruin. No celebration is complete without a drink or three, not even a historical festival. Bonus: an afternoon at the distillery will probably be the first time you can claim booze has made you smarter.
Edinburgh Gin Distillery, Sat & Sun until 30 Nov, 2pm, £15 (£12).

Scotland’s (self-proclaimed) Jesus
Who / what in history helped create Frankie Boyle? Find out at A Brief History of … Frankie Boyle where the man himself and some pals uncover his family tree to discover the events that led up to the birth of Scotland’s cruellest wit.
Mitchell Library, Glasgow, Fri 14 Nov, 2–3pm, free.

The Flyting
Scotland’s greatest and perhaps finest art form consists of two people yelling insults at each other. Kings loved it, so get your regal hat on and witness fully-grown adults chucking barbs peppered with the occasional swear word at each other. Now, that's entertainment.
Stirling Castle, Fri 14 Nov, 7.30pm, £15 (£10).

Feast like a lord at a historical banquet
Eat like you’re in the 1590s with a four-course banquet of tasty dishes that will transport you to the past. There will also be some good old-fashioned entertainment – think ye olde sights and sounds – to fully immerse you in the experience.
Riddle’s Court, Edinburgh, Sat 22 Nov, 7.30–11pm, £45.

Sinister and supernatural
Previously … is a chance to educate yourself on the country's grim and bloody past. With tales of tormented souls, the exposure of dark truths, cemetery tours, obscure underground chambers and a wee bit of Merlin, there’s nothing more a gory history buff could want.
Various venues and dates.

Previously … runs until Sun 30 Nov.

Previously … Scotland's History Festival

Previously brings Scotland's history to life in a packed programme of talks, walks, tours, teas, activities, debates, exhibitions, theatre, comedy, art, photography, family history, film, open days and much more that will appeal to all ages.

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