Matt Damon to star in Downsizing

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  • 6 November 2014
Matt Damon

Matt Damon

Matt Damon will star in the Alexander Payne film, 'Downsizing'

Matt Damon will star in 'Downsizing'.

The 44-year-old actor is set to star in the new film which will be directed by Alexander Payne, who also co-wrote the social satire about a man shrinking himself, alongside the legendary writer Jim Taylor.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Matt's decision to star in 'Downsizing' has put him out of the running for the Zhang Yimou epic 'The Great Wall', which was due to start filming in China.

It's not the first time Alexander and Jim have collaborated on a script. The pair wrote the 2004 film 'Sideways' together which won them an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay and they also worked together on the film 'About Schmidt', starring Jack Nicholson.

Before he sets to work on 'Downsizing', Matt is due to starting shooting the Sir Ridley Scott film 'The Martian'.

He is also reportedly in talks with Universal studios to reprise his role as Jason Bourne in the next instalment of 'The Bourne Identity'.

In September, The Hollywood Reporter said Matt had been in discussions with the franchise's directer Paul Greengrass to star in the fifth 'Bourne' film, which is scheduled to be released in cinemas from July 2016.


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  • 2017
  • US
  • 2h 15min
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  • Directed by: Alexander Payne
  • Cast: Matt Damon, Christoph Waltz, Hong Chau, Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis
  • UK release: 19 January 2018

When a Norwegian institute develops a successful process of human miniaturisation, people flock to take part so as to minimise the impact of humans on the planet. Mild-mannered comedy and gentle romance which looks beautiful but is sentimental and meandering.

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