Tina O'Brien was in hell before going into labour

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  • 6 November 2014
Tina O'Brien

Tina O'Brien

Tina O'Brien had "11 days of hell" before giving birth to her son, Beau, last month because she had gone so far past her due date

Tina O'Brien had "11 days of hell" before giving birth.

The 'Coronation Street' actress and partner Adam Crofts welcomed their son Beau into the world last month and the 31-year-old beauty - who also has six-year-old daughter Scarlett with ex-boyfriend Ryan Thomas - admits she was struggling beforehand because she had gone so far past her due date.

She told OK! magazine: "I was 11 days overdue, which were 11 days of hell because I was still doing the school run with Scarlett and I was so heavy.

"The other mums would be like, 'Are you still pregnant?' "

While Tina remained calm during her two-hour labour, Adam was so stressed and nervous, he almost forgot to wait for his girlfriend before driving to hospital.

Tina revealed: "He was calm and loading up the car but when I had a contraction while I stood in the driveway, he suddenly became stressed and nearly drove off without me. Then he missed the junction so we ended up going the wrong way to the hospital.

"I didn't say much because I could tell he was pretty stressed. When we eventually got to the hospital, Adam marched through to the maternity unit and left me in the corridor having a contraction. I was like, 'Is he having the baby without me?' "

While little Scarlett is happy to have a baby brother, she has been a little confused about his name.

Tina said: "One of the mums in Scarlett's class said, 'Oh we've heard you called your son Ribbon' - Scarlett got confused between bow and ribbon!"

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