Jack Walton blames theme night for exit

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  • 3 November 2014
Jack Walton performing

Jack Walton performing

Jack Walton claims his performance on 'The X Factor' on Saturday night (01.11.14) was affected because of the Fright Night theme

Jack Walton believes the Fright Night theme was the reason he was eliminated from 'The X Factor'.

The 18-year-old pop hopeful was kicked off the show after receiving the least amount of votes from the public following his cover of Leona Lewis' single 'Bleeding Love' on Saturday night (01.11.14).

Jack - who was mentored by Mel B - claims he was given mixed messages about what to do with his performance which affected him on the night.

During an interview on 'This Morning', he said: "I did feel confident but I was mixed because obviously it's a themed night so everyone wants you to be out (there) having fun and not taking it as serious but then again they were asking for an emotional performance. So it was a bit of a weird mix from having a girl come over and bite my neck to giving a serious performance. It was hard to get in the right vibe."

Jack also wishes he had ignored some of the advice he was given by the judging panel and stuck to his own ideas about what sort of artist he is.

He explained: "The thing about it is when you come to a show like this you're surrounded by so many successful people and people that know what they're talking about, or that's what you think as soon as you meet them. You think, 'I best listen to whatever you say and that's the best thing.' But I don't think that's the case really, I think you've got to be really true to yourself."

Jack wasn't shocked when he was told by host Dermot O'Leary he was leaving the competition because he had a feeling on Saturday that his time was up.

He said: "Do you know what's really weird on the Saturday night before I went on - and I don't believe in weird feelings or anything like that - but I looked at it and thought it's my time to go, how weird is that? When it happened, I told them before, I had a weird feeling."

On Sunday night (02.11.14) Lola Saunders left 'The X Factor' after the judges couldn't reach a majority decision on whether to eliminate her or Stereo Kicks and it was revealed she had fewer votes than the boy band when it went to Deadlock.

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