Johnny Knoxville's manly recovery

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  • 22 February 2008

Johnny Knoxville's manly recovery

Johnny Knoxville is looking forward to regaining his "manly functions".

The prankster, who nearly lost his testicles when a stunt for MTV show 'Jackass' went wrong, is hoping to soon return to his normal life after having an operation to mend his torn urethra.

He said: "I just walked out of surgery about 10 minutes ago. I'm still a little groggy from the anaesthesia.

"I was trying to back flip a motorcycle. The bike goes up about 15 or 20 ft in the air and comes back down and breaks its handlebar off in between my legs. I was laying there spread-eagled. They've never seen handlebars break off before - much less between someone's legs!

"I just got the catheter out, after wearing it for two weeks, and the doctor said I can resume normal functions immediately - like, my manly functions."

Johnny - who is no stranger to injuring himself while filming crazy stunts for the show - also revealed he will abide by doctors' orders to rest for three weeks.

He added to E! online: "They've told me not to do any stunts for three weeks. Usually if I have a cast or something on my arm or leg, I'll cut it off early. But this is the one time I will respect the doctors."

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