Omid Djalili 'would never appear' on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 31 October 2014
Omid Djalili

Omid Djalili

British/Iranian comedian Omid Djalili has revealed he would never appear on 'I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!', saying he couldn't eat "kangaroo testicles"

Omid Djalili would never appear on 'I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' because he couldn't eat "kangaroo testicles".

The stand-up comedian is starring in 'Hot and Dangerous' - a new TV series that looks at the hottest curries in the UK - and despite stomaching some gut-churning dishes for the programme, the 49-year-old star insists he would never appear on the ITV reality show hosted by Ant & Dec.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Although my tolerance levels improved, I'll never do a show like 'I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' I will never be found eating kangaroo testicles."

Omid grew up hating all spicy foods, but admits his tolerance levels improved while filming his new show.

The comedian - who's currently touring the UK with his 'Iranalamadingdong' stand-up show - explained: "I loved a balti dish I had in a curry house in Birmingham. Of course, the balti was made by British-Pakistanis and I found that to be a tremendous culinary experience.

"The worst thing I ate was a dish called 'The Widower' in Grantham, which made me ill. It has to be cooked using a gas mask! When the show was first discussed, I thought I'd be travelling all over the world to samples foods. I never thought I'd end up in Grantham burning myself a new butthole."

However, Omid - whose new autobiography, 'Hopeful', is out now - added: "Spicy foods are high in vitamin C, which means they're good for helping to cure things like colds. It really does help you to feel healthier - it's like a natural, legal high."

'Omid Djalili, Hot and Dangerous', premieres tonight (31.10.14) at 9pm on Freeview channel Quest.

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