Sarah-Jane Crawford plays matchmaker on The X Factor

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  • 31 October 2014
Sarah-Jane Crawford

Sarah-Jane Crawford

Sarah-Jane Crawford has revealed she's trying to match-make contestants on 'The X Factor', saying she's particularly keen to find a date for Stevi Ritchie

Sarah-Jane Crawford is trying to match-make contestants on 'The X Factor'.

The 29-year-old 'Xtra Factor' host said she's keen to find a date for contestant Stevi Ritchie - who was rumoured to be romancing Chloe Jasmine - and also revealed that other relationships are beginning to develop between the hopefuls.

She told the Metro newspaper: "Stevi has been in the press for being unlucky in love. He is so sweet and I would love to match-make him.

"When I first met him he told me he wanted to meet someone special. I will be asking him to give me an update on his love life on the 'Xtra Factor' this weekend."

Sarah-Jane also revealed she's keeping an eye out for on-set romances, saying: "I heard Jake Sims from Stereo Kicks and Betsy-Blue English from Only The Young were out together this week. That would be a great little romance!

"I have my hopes up and am going to be looking out for any flirting. I am the best matchmaker!"

And the raven-haired beauty's efforts to play cupid have already extended beyond the confines of the show.

She explained: "My boyfriend's best friend actually got dumped last month and then he told me he fancied Steph Nala.

"The minute she was knocked out of the competition I set them up and they are now going out on a date. I feel like Cilla Black at the moment."

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