Michael Caine appears in Christopher Nolan films 'without reading the script'

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  • 29 October 2014
Michael Caine

Sir Michael Caine

Oscar-winning actor Micheal Caine has revealed he accepts roles in Christopher Nolan films without reading the script, such is his faith in the filmmaker

Sir Michael Caine agrees to appear in Christopher Nolan films without reading the script.

The Oscar-winning actor has appeared in six films made by Nolan - the latest of which is new sci-fi thriller 'Interstellar' - and Sir Michael says he's so confident in the hit-making abilities of his long-time collaborator, he accepts roles without even knowing the plot.

Speaking at the London press conference for their new film earlier today (29.10.14), Sir Michael revealed: "You spend your life as an actor saying, 'Is it going to be a hit, or is it going to be a miss?' And sometimes it's a hit and sometimes it's a miss.

"I've done six pictures with Christopher Nolan and every one of them has been a hit. So, whenever he says, 'Do you want to do a movie?' I say, 'Yes'. He says, 'Do you want to read the script?' I say, 'No'."

The acclaimed pair began working together in 2005 with 'Batman Begins' and the 81-year-old icon says that with Nolan, "nothing is what it seems".

He continued: "I remember the first time he came to me with a script. He came to my house in the country and told me he's got a script for a movie. I said, 'What is it?' He said, 'Batman'. And I thought to myself that I'm too old to play Batman.

"So I asked what he wanted me to play? And he said, 'I want you to play the butler'. And I thought to myself about what sort of dialogue I'd have. Do I say, 'Hello sir, would you like a beverage?' He said, 'No Michael, read the script'. And, of course, I read the script and it was the foster father of Batman. Nothing is what it seems with Christopher."


  • 3 stars
  • 2014
  • US / UK
  • 2h 49min
  • 12A
  • Directed by: Christopher Nolan
  • Cast: Jessica Chastain, Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway
  • UK release: 7 November 2014

Cooper (McConaughey) is a pilot-turned-farmer who's recruited for an intergalactic mission to find humanity a new home. Despite awe and nail-biting tension, there's too much clunky exposition and cinematic clichés, and although Nolan's intentions to make a singular and cerebral film are admirable, it all gets a bit silly.

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