Kelly Brook's wax pain

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  • 21 February 2008

Kelly Brook's wax pain

Kelly Brook says having a bikini wax is excruciatingly painful.

The actress admits she goes through a lot of torture to look her best for fiancé Billy Zane.

She said: "Believe me, having your bikini line waxed is the worse thing in the world. The worst bit is the ingrowing ones you have to pop out with a tweezer afterwards. They are killers. This is what us girls go through for men - they really should be more appreciative."

However, one bit of self-inflicted pain she refuses to go through is to have a tattoo.

She added to Britain's Daily Express newspaper: "I don't mind them on men but not on women. It's just a trend - in a few years they'll regret it. Everyone's having a white tattoo in New York. When I was there, they said, 'You must have one now you're here.' But how long before they're doing them everywhere? Everyone will have one and there's nothing individual in that."

Meanwhile, Kelly is set to launch her own line of fruit juices.

The model - who has an orchard on her farm in Kent, England - wants to make the most of her apple trees and has enlisted the help of a local organic farmer.

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Kelly loves her farm and is keen to make it a profitable venture as well as a home. She has been looking at ways to make money out of the orchard and is really keen to explore her own line in fruit juice."

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